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Nashville Safe House Owner Update

As the Founder and Owner of The Safe House I pride myself in offering the best safe products ( not the cheapest ) found on the market today. For over 24 years we have offered our customers the best selection of Safes and Vault Doors in the Southeast. The Safe House Sales Crew strives everyday … Continue reading

Browning Steel of a Deal Safe Discounts Doubled by The Safe House

We are Doubling all Browning Safe Discounts celebrating 24 years of being Nashville’s Largest Gun Safe Dealer and Showroom. The Browning Steel of a Deal  Safe Sale is now in progress beginning April 1st thru April 30th. The Safe House will match all Browning Safe Discounts for Double Savings! The Safe House is the largest … Continue reading

You Need a Safe – Now !

In the past 23 years that The Safe House has been selling Safes & Vaults we have never seen the uncertainty that exist in our country as it does today.  With illegal immigration, the Federal Government bring in Islamic immigrates and the chance of terrorism growing everyday.  Our political parties fighting each other for control … Continue reading

Liberty’s Largest Safe Dealer The Safe House the Largest Liberty Dealer in Nashville

The Safe House is celebrating over 23 years in the Safe and Vault business and a another successful year with America’s # 1 Gun Safe , Liberty Safes. With over 500 safes at our two locations and three warehouses we offer more home safe and gun safe models on display and in stock than any … Continue reading

Superior Gun Safes , Champion Gun Safes , Safe Guard Gun Safes Top Dealer in the Southeast

The Safe House is celebrating its 23rd year in business this year.  One of our top brands that we carry is the Superior Gun Safe , Champion Gun Safe and the  Safe Guard brand of Home Safes and Gun Safes.   The Safe House was one of the first dealers for Champion Safes when they … Continue reading

High Security Safes Jewelry Safes High Security Commercial Safes TL-15 TL-30 & TL-30×6 Ratings

Are you looking for a High Security Safe, Jewelry Safe, High Security Commercial Safe, TL-15, TL-30 & TL-30×6 Safe?  Well, look no further The Safe House has been providing top quality high security Jewelry Safes and Commercial Safes for your Home or Business for over 22 years.   Don’t be fooled by companies that sell the … Continue reading